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Delfina customised kits for clubs and teams

Choose your templates here. If you want to draw your ideas, please use the templates.
Waterpolo swimsuit
Waterpolo swimsuit

Delfina template for customisation - waterpolo swimsuit

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Waterpolo briefs
Waterpolo briefs

Delfina template for customisation - waterpolo briefs

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Silicone printing ink 2
Silicone printing ink 2

Delfina customised kits - Customised caps ink colours

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Waterpolo swimsuit
Waterpolo swimsuit

Delfina template for customisation - waterpolo swimsuit

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1. Club logo & colours

Send us your club’s logo in a high resolution file. We prefer vector files, but a high resolution .jpeg would suffice. Let us know your colours and a brief idea of the design. The better idea you have of how the design should look, the easier is for the designer to come up with something you like.

2.   Choose templates​

We have an extensive range of templates that can be customised. We start with one swimsuit and one pair of jammers or briefs and when the design is approved we transfer it to all items you require as part of your kit. From experience, we know that club members prefer to have a choice in what type of suit they can have, as different suits fit different body types, so the more choice they have, the more likely they are to order.  For your convenience you can download the size charts for the most popular pieces, but please use them just as guidelines: see Size Charts

3. Place your order

Our kits are of highest quality and are manufactured in a modern EU facility, and the minimum order is 20 pieces.  The fabrics used for the swimwear are chlorine resistant and fully lined in black or white: black lining for light colour designs and white lining for neutral or dark designs. The water polo swimsuits are made from double fabric ( the "lining" inside is the same fabric as outside).​ Sizes available are from size 20 to 44, with the water polo suit available up to size 46. 

After the order is placed, we will be sending out our invoice which will be due to be paid strictly before the order is dispatched. It takes only 3 weeks to receive your order (depending of the type of delivery needed: Express or Economy). Please note the prices listed on the website at the time of ordering are the prices you will pay. Please note prices can change without notice.

Repeat orders are a minimum to five pieces; if the order is smaller than 5 pieces, there is an administrative fee of £20 added to the final bill (minimum order for tracksuits is 10 pieces at all times, including re-orders). You might find that it will be more economic to place a larger repeat order, as the postage can be quite substantial.

Customised Silicone Cap Designs Pricing

1 colour   £4.20

2 colours £4.80

3 colours £5.30

4 colours £5.70


Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces.

Additional cost: £22 / screen (colour). Maximum 4 colours.


Eg. 2 colours 4.80 / hat plus the £44 (set-up fee) divided by the number of hats needed. The more hats, the cheaper / hat, so if you order 200 hats, that would be (200 x £4.80) + £44 = £1004 / 200 = £5.02 / hat. If you order 100 hats it would be £5.24 / hat.


Feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks for submitting!

New* ready made prints available to choose for your club / group

Add your logo to it and possible to make small changes, eg. colour change