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Welcome to Curvy Bathers by Acquawear - Where Every Body’s Unique Shape Is Celebrated!

პლუს ზომის საცურაო კოსტიუმები

შეამოწმეთ ჩვენი ყველაზე პოპულარული ფორმა, Xback SF811

Customers wearing our Curvy Bathers x-back SF811 swimsuits

ეკოლოგიურად სუფთა ქსოვილის მდგრადი საცურაო კოსტიუმები სრულყოფილი ღია წყლის ველური ცურვისთვის

Swimwear made from eco fabrics is perfect for wild swimming. Our range of open water swimwear is made from sustainable fabrics, such as recycled nylon and recycled polyester, so you can enjoy your wild swims with a clear conscience. Our swimwear has been designed to withstand the rigours of open water swimming, whether you’re competing in a race or just enjoying the sunset. Explore our collection of eco-friendly swimwear and discover the perfect piece to help you make the most of your wild swimming adventures.

customers wearing our custom swimwear and having fun

გახდი ერთი წყალთან

მოემზადეთ ტალღებისთვის

ჩვენი სრულად გაფორმებული საცურაო კოსტუმები მდგრადია ქლორისა და ულტრაიისფერი სხივების მიმართ

Sunset Shores Water Polo Swimsuit front

მოემზადეთ ტალღებისთვის

Over 100 designs and up to 99 different products available to buy on RedBubble - from baby clothes, to sports clothing, pet items, prints, cards, clocks, bags and many, many more...

Making the designs for the aquatic animals collection, with the help of AI, was great fun and we have so many different designs available that we had to do something about it!


Unfortunately we can't turn them all into swimsuits, so by using Red Bubble, we have a great opportunity here to transfer our unique AI designs onto different products and garments, and be sustainable, as you can buy even one product only, no matter how small (even a sticker or a magnet!) without having to hold stock. Over 100 designs are listed on Redbubble under the name Bright Moonrise. We are delighted to say that within days of listing them, we already made sales on RedBubble, and to date, people from the US, Australia and Japan have ordered products.


Have a look at the Designs page there, and you will find everything, from children's fantasy themes to the Titanic and Northern Irish landscapes. The prices on Redbubble are competitive and the good thing is that they will custom make for you one piece of any of the products listed.


Killer Whale in a Zentangle Sea

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