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Xback SF81 & SF811 Size Fitting - Size Charts and How to Choose Your Size

Hi ladies, I feel that I need to try and explain more of how you should size the swimsuits. Don't be scared to go down a size or two from what size you think you are!

Have a look at the photos attached and notice the label sizes. What difference can you see? I can tell you: Size 44 was extremely baggy at the bottom - wavy and baggy, sitting away from the skin. As I went down the sizes, that baggy bottom got less and less, until I got down to my size 36 (I am currently about UK 14/16) and I can probably fit in a 34 as well. I have narrow hips but bigger boobs & tummy, but it would be the same for vice versa, so if it's baggy at the top, just go down in sizes.

A swimsuit has to be like a second skin! Allow the fabric to stretch on your body, feel a bit of pressure from it, let it hold your bits in! We are really lucky with this amazing Eco fabric, which is so stretchy and chlorine proof.

Many customers wonder what these sizes mean and hoow to choose your swimwear size. They are simply the Lingerie and Swimwear sizes and in this type of sizing you are probably also choosing your bra.

The chart below represents the equivalent clothing chart to different countries, so you can notice that for instance size 40 in our swimwear is the UK clothing equivalent to size 18.

The Swimsuits measurement chart below is literally a swimsuit set unstretched on a flat surface and measured: Full Length; Bust (just under the arm holes at the widest part) and Hips (just above the leg holes, at the widest part). You can compare these measurements to a swimsuit you wear.

Some customers are wondering what New Size / Old Size means. Here is the explanation.

Old size is for the old SF81 swimsuits, which some are still in stock. The sizes for these suits were changed as the manufacturer felt that the suits were too generous. So the new SF811 swimsuits have the labels changed to two sizes up. Now they are equivalent to the rest of the swimwear we sell.

Eg. I was a size 32 in the SF81 and size 36 in the rest of the swimwear, so after the change I am a size 36 in all the swimwear.

The Old Size is only important to you if you bought before the SF81 swimsuits and want to know what size to choose in the SF811. Also, if you buy any of the few SF81 pieces left in stock, you will know that you will receive the swimsuit with the Old Size on the label.

When choosing your size, bear in mind that the equivalent chart is to be used as guidance. If you are taller, it would be advisable to go a size up. From customer feedback, we found that adult swimmers, especially leisure swimmers, don't like to wear the swimsuits tight, like a competitive swimmer would, and in that case, the advice would be to go up a size or two. The fabric is stretchy, so when going up, it is not too noticeable, but bear in mind that the water would loosen the fabric further. Check out the other post about swimsuit fitting, and see photos. I know some customers are going up to two sizes bigger than I personally would.

Different styles fit differently, and the SF81 / SF811 is the most confortable suit of all. I am saying that as not everyone wants to wear a very comfortable suit, and if you are like myself you prefer the tight feeling and support which a swimsuit can give you.

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Nov 19, 2023

I'm feeling even more confused about the sizing now. It's trying to remember all the codes. I only know sizing in inches too.

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