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Xback SF821 Sizing and Customer Fitting Feedback

I am so grateful when customers send over photos and I am allowed to share, as it is great for other customers to see how the suits fit. So thank you to our customer showing off the SF821 style and allowing me to share.

Whenever people ask me about the style, I always praise it, as after trying it myself, I found it a better support than the SF811. As you know, the SF811 is ideal for plus sizes and people wanting a very comfortable swimsuit, as because of the side panels it is very stretchy.

The SF821 is longer, wider at the chest but at the same time not as stretchy (because of the way it is structured), which makes it a better, tighter fitting and therefore ideal for training and competititon. The SF821 has a higher neckline, is more scooped at the back, with a larger hole than the SF811.


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