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 Maillots de bain imprimés personnalisés pour les clubs de natation en eau libre/sur glace 

Acquawear have been selling sport swimwear since 2008. For the past six years we have also been making custom club sport kits for competition and training for swim clubs, diving clubs, synchronised swimming teams, triathlon, underwater hockey and all other aquatic disciplines. All the products in your desired kit will be fully customised with  your own designs, logo and personalised if desired. We have created bespoke swimwear for clubs around the UK and Europe.

Our sublimated prints, high quality durable fabric, fully lined training costumes are long-lasting and can withstand the rigors of training and competition. We also sell a range of quick dry products: quick dry towels, active gym wear dry fit t-shirts and quick dry leggings are competitively priced and we’ll be there every step of the way as we offer full customer support throughout. All our new swimwear kits are made out of sustainable, durable, high performant fabric, Carvico XLance Eco, which sustains a heavy swimming regime and it's a recycled plastics eco-friendly fabric


Kits personnalisés pour les clubs et les équipes 

Kits de natation pour nageurs sur glace et Channel  équipes de natation

Choose your templates here, but bear in mind that these are only a small selection. We use a high performance chlorine proof and sustainable Eco fabric, in most of our club kit swimwear

Prix des kits personnalisés
Augmentation des prix à partir du 1er août 2022

Personnalisation 2 £ supplémentaires

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